Fethiye Turkey on the South West Coast of the Country was identified from the earliest days as a place with a lovely natural harbour on what has become known as the stunning Turquoise Coast.

Fethiye is expanding relentlessly. It has certainly been boosted by tourist numbers in recent years and quite rightly so. It has a lovely harbour and marina with lots of great offshore islands and plenty of quiet coves and some of the Fethiye best beaches to explore in the immediate vicinity. The built up area now goes from Calis heading west to Ovacik, Hisonaru and Oludeniz down the coast going east.

It seems to have doubled in size since the turn of the century. The Old Town with its narrow streets, bars, restaurants and craft shops is well preserved but alongside there are all the facilities you would expect of a 21st Century town.

Blue Cruise Fethiye is most popular activitiy in Fethiye. There are also plenty attractions in Fethiye, plenty of reminders of the Lycian civilisation but there is more to Fethiye’s history than the Lycians. The Persians invaded in 547BC and as a result the whole region became part of the Persian Empire. Alexander the Great was here two centuries later.

Early in the 15th Century the town became part of the Ottoman Empire, inhabited mainly by people of Greek origin until 1923 when Greek and Turk moved back inside the new formed national borders. Since that time what was a very small town, no more really than a village, has grown to become one of the top tourist destinations on this Coast and a stopping off point for anyone cruising along the blue cruise east or west route.

Fethiye is now the largest town between Antalya to the east and the South West tip of Turkey and there are no signs of development slowing down. Fethiye is a town with full of Activities as well, please also visit Fethiye top activities page.

We have different Fethiye Tours. Let us explain what we mean:

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1.Regular Group Tours: You will join a group with maximum 18 people from different countries and different nationalities. This is to share transportation and guiding cost.

2.Private Tours: This option gives you complete freedom. You can decide which sights to visit and the duration of the visit.

Interests: What are your passions? History? Nature? Religion or Art? Let us know and we will give our own suggestions based on what you like the most. And if you have a specific place/area you would like to see, tell us.

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3 Night 4 Days Blue Cruise Fethiye to Olympos

Fethiye – Olympos cruise will take you to Samanlik bay, Butterfly Valley, Oludeniz, Kas, Kekova, Gokkaya bay and to Pirates

200*Per person



Paragliding in Ölüdeniz

All adventure activities have an element of fear, and that’s what makes them so exciting. Babadag is said to be

65*Per person